huddson / huddsonart

howdy my name is Cecil, i use it/its pronouns. please don't refer to me with any other pronouns

i do digital art, both human and furry

commissions are open

what sort of thing do i put here

i'm 16, bday is May 7. i'm Native, specifically M├ętis but i'm white passing/coded

hella queer, i'm two-spirit, transmasc, and nonbinary. also gay as hell

autistic, ADHD, plus other stuff. physically disabled as well

my interests are my own OCs, my fave project being called Indie University, worldbuilding, Radio TV Solutions, how language evolves especially when the internet is involved, stuff like that!

fun facts abt me are that i overshare, i have a stuffed bear named Bernie that i take with me everywhere, and i frequently wear two pieces of clothing with mismatching patterns because i want people to do a double take when they see me


all prices are in USD

sketch prices:
headshot: $2
bust: $3
halfbody: $4
fullbody: $5

all of these are additions to the sketch prices listed above
lined: $3
flat colour: $2
shading: $1
painted: $5
background, dramatic lighting, and/or effects: $1-5, depending on complexity
animated, 2-10 unique frames: $1 per frame
extra character(s): $3 per additional character

i will draw:
OCs, fandom, ship art, furries, humans and humanoids, light to moderate gore

i will tentatively draw:
mech, feral, kids, homestuck/hiveswap/vast error, heavy gore

i will not draw:
NSFW, bigotry, anything gross, anything that makes me uncomfortable

i have the right to refuse any commission for any reason. upon commissioning, i will partially do the commission, request payment, and once paid, finish the commission.

by commissioning me:

  • you agree to not remove, cover, or otherwise hide my signature and/or watermark at any point

  • you agree to provide a link to one or several of my social medias or to this carrd upon reposting the commission, whether completed or not

  • you agree to not edit the completed commission without express permission

  • you agree to allowing me to post the commission to any of my social medias with a link to your social media. this can be negotiated before paying for the commission if the buyer wishes