Cecil / Ffwsia
it/its he/him
digital artist
taking commissions!

please ignore how poorly formatted this is, Carrd is not my strong suit

hi, i'm Cecil / Ffwsia! i'm a Canadian digital artist! i mostly do human and furry art although i'm attempting to branch out as well

feel free to ask me anything about myself! i tend to be extremely open lol

i take commissions for USD! my prices are extremely loose, and you're free to haggle or to tip!

all of the prices listed are for a fully lined and coloured piece. basic shading is available for an extra 50 cents on all orders except for paintings

here's a list of what i currently offer, although you're free to ask for something that's not listed here! please also be aware that what you receive will most likely be higher quality than the examples

  • Ffwsia is pronounced foo-sya, and yes, it's Welsh!

  • i'm Metis and Ukrainian, i'm white-coded as well

  • Canadian!

  • i'm 16!

  • i'm physically disabled, i have hypotonia and am a part-time cane user

  • i'm autistic! i also have ADHD and anxiety. i have a few other things but nothing that strangers need to know about

  • i'm two-spirit, with my specific gender identity being ├«nahp├«kasoht (ee-nuh-PEE-gu-soot). i also just call myself nonbinary to simplify it

  • i also use gore/gores pronouns although i don't expect anyone to use them for me

  • i'm polyam, GNC, and queer! uhhh sexuality labels are hard and confusing, i've had several labels but i just kinda stick with queer for now

  • yes, i took my name from Welcome To Night Vale, it's super comforting to me and the name Cecil just clicked

  • my interests i suppose would be HLVRAI (my current hyperfixation), SCP Foundation, Dungeons & Dragons, a rotating cast of musicals (currently The Phantom Of The Opera and Jekyll & Hyde), and subcultures, especially aesthetic subcultures

  • although i rarely share it online, i tend to define myself by my writing. i mostly write fantasy and have many, many projects. i also have an intense love of worldbuilding and character creation. otherwise, i write a lot of poetry

  • Black Lives Matter and All Cops Are Bastards, if you disagree with this then i don't really want to interact with you

  • i'm pagan, a Hellenic Polytheist. my atrons are Dionysus, Demeter, and Ersa

  • i do free tarot readings when i have the energy, just ask if you're interested!

  • i also do art requests when i have the energy, again, just ask if you're interested!